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Prof. Dr. Saim Kılıç


Prof. Saim Kılıç


Prof. Dr. Saim Kılıç graduated with highest honors from Ankara University School of Political Science in 1993, earning a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. He received his master’s degree in finance from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2001, his MBA degree from Ankara University in 2002; and in 2007, having completed his PhD studies on Accounting-Finance; he was awarded a PhD degree with highest honors from Gazi University. During the Academic Year 2005-2006, he carried out research at the University of Greenwich, London. His PhD thesis was deemed worthy of Economic Research Foundation's Ünal Aysal award in 2008. He received the title of “Associate Professor in Finance” in 2012 and the title of “Professor in Business Administration/Finance” in 2017.

Throughout his more than 20-year career, kicked off with a Assistant Expert position in Capital Markets Board of Turkey in 1994, he served as an Expert /Senior Expert for the Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Advisor to Deputy Prime Minister for the Prime Minister's Office, Expert for the Office of the President of Turkey, Chief Regulatory Officer and Audit Executive for Borsa Istanbul, Vice General Director of Central Securities Depository of Turkey, member of Rules and Regulation Committee of the World Federation of Exchanges and the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges, member of the Board of Directors of both the Central Securities Depository of Turkey and the Capital Markets Licensing Registration and Training Agency of Turkey, respectively.

Starting in 2014, the year he successfully moved from the public to private sector, he held the position of Board of Directors’ Consultant respectively with IC Enerji Inc., Altınbaş Holding Inc., Sümer Asset Management., Sümer Factoring Inc., and the position of Board Member with the fuel oil distribution company Alpet Inc., Assos Kuyumculuk Inc. operating in manufacturing and wholesale of jewelry products, maritime crewing company Transal Denizcilik Inc., lubricant company Atak Madeni Yağ Inc., and Boğaziçi Group Inc.

He currently holds the post of Independent Board Member of Torunlar REIT, Özak REIT, Marcegaglia TR and Alnus Investment. He has also served/is serving as the Head of Audit Committee, Early Detection of Risk Committee, Corporate Governance Committee, and Compensation Committee of the above-mentioned companies. He is member of Turkey-Hungary Business Council. He is Board Member of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Trusts Association (GYODER). He has also been serving as faculty member at Altınbaş University and Senior Advisor to the President of Altınbaş University and, teaching business management, finance and corporate governance since 2014.

Prof. Dr. Saim Kılıç holds all capital market licenses and certificates (Capital Markets Activity License, Derivative Instruments License, Corporate Governance Rating License, Independent Auditing License, Real Estate Appraisal License.

He is the author of "Investor Protection in Capital Markets: Compensation Funds" (1997), "Evaluation of Mutual Funds Performances in Turkey" (2002), "Cost-Benefit Analysis for the Capital Market Regulations: Theories, Tools and an Empirical Study on Turkey" (2008), and the co-author of “How to Manage Corporate Governance” (2014) and “CEO of The Boss” (2018). Professor Saim Kılıç received “the Contribution to Corporate Governance Award” given by İstanbul Aydın University in 2019.


Professor Saim Kılıç received ”the Contribution to Corporate Governance Award” given by İstanbul Aydın University on 15/11/2019


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Having filled top positions at Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Borsa İstanbul (formerly Istanbul Stock Exchange), Central Securities Depository of Turkey; served as a Board Member of and an Advisor to a number of organizations operating in finance, real estate, industry, energy and trade; obtained all capital market licenses and certificates issued by the CMB; authored/co-authored half a dozen books and published numerous award-winning academic articles on finance, capital markets, trading, financial management and corporate governance throughout his more than 20-year career, Prof Dr. Saim Kılıç continues to offer consulting services and/or to hold positions in the following fields:

  • Board Membership
  • Independent Board Membership
  • Consulting to the Board of Directors
  • Designing of Corporate Management
  • Going Public (IPO) and Listing on Stock Exchange
  • Corporate Governance
  • Internal Control/Internal Audit/Risk Management
  • Corporate Finance/Financial Management
  • Capital Markets and Stock Exchanges
  • The Regulation of Capital Markets and Turkish Commercial Code
  • Financial Institutions and Instruments
  • Investor Relations
  • Compliance



CEO of The Boss

February 2018
Nobel – Altınbaş Üniversitesi Yayınları


How to manage Corporate Governance?

Dogan Egmont


Cost-Benefit Analysis for the Capital Markets Regulations: Theories, Tools and An Empirical Study on Turkey

Economic Research Foundation


Evaluation of Mutual Funds Performance in Turkey

Istanbul Stock Exchange


Investor Protection in Capital Markets: Compensation Funds

Capital Markets Board of Turkey


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